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32 Flavours of the finest ice creams you have ever tasted await you at Nardini’s ice cream parlour!

All are prepared on the premises under the watchful eye of Nardini’s Director David Equi – the 2006 and 2008 UK ice Cream Champion of Champions. David has taken the traditional Nardini’s ice cream recipe which features fresh Scottish milk and double cream, but now with the use of modern equipment and know how he has moved things on to a different level altogether – making Nardini’s truly an ice cream destination of choice!

So why not gaze in awe through our ice cream factory window as our top gelato chefs prepare another fabulous new flavour. From the traditional Double Cream Vanilla though modern classics like Scottish Tablet to the unusual like our Peach And Passionfruit Cheesecake flavour, we guarantee that you will be mightily impressed.

Don’t forget too our wonderful Italian Bakery – where all pastries are freshly made right here on the premises in the traditional Italian style.

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